Children’s Day

On the 27 th of May, 2020 we will be celebrating our Little Off-Springs again. But no thanks to the Corona Virus spread, this year will be different. All we want to do is keep our children safe and shield them from all the bad things that are out there. There are many ways to let our children know that we love them and they do not have to involve kiddie’s parties, cinema…

Eid Mubarak

When we shoot Life-Style images for big brands clients prompt us to shoot situations that reflect various seasons, holidays and celebrations well in advance. So it happens that we at Camara-Studios have to shoot a Christmas setting in the middle of July or find Easter decoration in October.

These predicaments always turn out to be fun challenges. In one of our last shoots we needed to photograph Christmas, Easter and Ramadan in…

Camara-Studios on location

The current situation makes it difficult and really uncomfortable to move around. That is why more and more businesses offer the option of home services. And after a bit of contemplation, Camara-Studios has decided to offer the same. Since the pandemic has brought a lot of families back together, wouldn’t it be great to take advantage of it? Now is the best time for families to get their creative juices flowing and make…

Nalingo Naija

The lockdown and restricted movement has given you many opportunities to acquire new skills. Camara-Studios and CS-Production are offering you free online Yoruba lessons. Just follow our YouTube Channel: Nalingo Naija and enjoy frequent new uploads of new Yoruba-Teaching videos.


How Camara-Studios operates under Covid-19

With respect to the partial easing of the lock down by the Government, we are happy to announce that Camara-Studios is open now again.

But we need to inform you about the following safety measures that we put in place to make sure you and our team stays protected:

1. Book your shoot way it advance by calling this number: 08053950455. We will need to know your full name and your address

2. Upon arrival you must wear…