Driving through the streets of Lagos, you can still see here or there, billboards of the last Nivea Commercial. You can see British-Nigerian Actress, Beverly Naya, glowing back at you with her bright white teeth and radiant skin. Camara-Studios is proud to announce that we were part of the creation of those billboards with photography and editing. 
We are also grateful to have been booked for this challenging shoot which lasted over two days and…


From the 5th to the 10th of August, 2019 Camara-Studios opened the door to teenagers to learn about the basics of digital photography. We hosted a group of 6 lovely children who wanted to take their creativity to the next level. They were taught technical aspects of the camera their parents had bought for them but were not able to explain. Lol 
But also creative compositions and idea realization was part of the…

Maggi Jollof

Nestlé is one of our favorite clients since way back. And on the 22nd of August, we celebrated “World Jollof Rice Day” with them by supplying them with food photography that showed Jollof Rice in a different way.


Are you Nigerian? Nigerian in Diaspora? Partly Nigerian? Or not Nigerian at all? But you want to learn how to speak Nigerian native languages and Nigerian Cultures!!  Camara-Studios is happy to introduce to you our latest project. Our Nalingo Naija Youtube Channel. It was created to teach people Yoruba (and other Nigerian native languages) in an entertaining way. And yes, Camara-Studios is moving now also from photography to video. Please enjoy our videos here: