Photography Training: Testimonials

Many great photographers have come out of the stables of Camara-Studios. Our training is hands on, practical and very effective for men and women who are just starting of in photography. We just decided to get some testimonials from some people who have completed our training and as you can hear and see they were more than satisfied. We wish them all the best on their way to becoming Ace Photographers.

Wedding Photography

There are so many wedding photographers to choose from. They each have a different vision of how to capture your wedding day. They have different styles, editing approaches, quality of delivery and of course different people with different personalities!

How on earth do you pick the most perfect, talented, creative and amazing wedding photographer that understands your needs and can deliver what you want?

  • First Things First!

Choosing your wedding photographer…

40 Rocks!

The birthday party of Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko was lit. The whole studio was involved to make the party a success.

Our food stylist, who normally gets hired for food photography, convinced us that he is also an amazing caterer. Thank you Ikokomi for the delicious food you served us.

DJ Nana rocked the house. No guest was able to stay on his or her feet. George Udeze and MC Ifaine Banty anchored the event and made sure each…