Father’s day is almost here

I know we don’t get to tell you enough that we appreciate you but we do.

You play an essential role in our lives and your time, dedication, love and discipline help to shape the next generation. Your effective communication makes sure that we have adequate knowledge and counsel for decision making in life.

So Camara Studios has come up with the B-DADDY package for this year’s upcoming father’s day.

We are giving 20% discount on family shoots…

Children’s Day 2018 Was Simply Awesome.

Camara Studios partnered with Peak on Children’s day 2018 and gave away five amazing photo shoot vouchers to 5 lucky winners. The winners emerged from the various activities and performances throughout the fun day. We also witnessed a stage performance by the sensational songstress Simi of X3M-Music. It was an absolutely phenomenal event which took place on the 27th of May in Alausa, Ikeja.

We have some great pictures of the event here to share with…

Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography

So Worker’s Day is around the corner. To celebrate the day of the 1st of May

Camara-Studios wants to give a shout out to all our corporate clients who have patronized us over the last few years. And also give potential businesses some insight on that area of photography

Understanding corporate photography

CP is not advertising photography. It is more about explaining the business’ products and services to the consumer in picture…

Group Photography

Group Photography

Who should be in the middle of a group photography and who should be flanking him or her? Always a difficult question to answer for the photographer who is an outsider and has not fully understood the business dynamics. So it is important for the company to designate a person who will be the coordinator of the shoot. He will have to brief the photographer appropriately about ranking. If no brief is…

Detail Shots

Detail Shots

A photographer can always add some extra detail shots if you have booked him for a whole day. Advisable are images like handshakes, typing fingers on a keyboard and so on. Those photographs can always be used to enhance for your company’s website or brochure.