40 Rocks!

The birthday party of Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko was lit. The whole studio was involved to make the party a success.

Our food stylist, who normally gets hired for food photography, convinced us that he is also an amazing caterer. Thank you Ikokomi for the delicious food you served us.

DJ Nana rocked the house. No guest was able to stay on his or her feet. George Udeze and MC Ifaine Banty anchored the event and made sure each…

Call for Models


Models, Models, Models

We see Models everywhere. Cause in our line of work you do not need to be 6feet tall and be skinny. If you enjoy being in front of the camera and you have good features and charisma, send us some of your selfies. You will then hear from us when you fit our profile and you will be invited for a casting.

Good luck!

Oyoma Product Shoot

A few weeks ago a young lady came to our studio with boxes full of deliciously
smelling things. Her outfit is called Oyoma and she produces high quality
fragranced candles and soaps. We immediately noticed how much love and
effort she induced into the production and packaging of her products. You really need to check
out her webpage at www.oyoma.ng

Needless to say that all the images you see
there are photographed by us.


Corporate Photography

We are in September now, heading straight towards the end of the year. Most
companies have started working on their Annual Reports, Calendars or other
promotional material that reflects their businesses well. Whatever it is, it won’t
work without good photography. The CEO of a company has to represent his
company in the most respectful manner. The visuals of Board of Trustees, senior
staff and management are most crucial too. This is where your Camara-Studios