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There is this joy that comes with being responsible for wedding-Photography

Marriage is considered by many one of the most important decisions in life. When you are entrusted with the responsibility to tell the visual story of this once in a lifetime event, you better be ready.


Few useful tips for your wedding photography


  • Value: It is extremely important that you are properly trained and prepared for the job. Acquiring the right equipment for wedding photography is a must. Remember there is no opportunity for a reshoot.
  • Research: As a photographer you should study other photographers works and style, this doesn’t mean copy and paste but if you are to recreate, own it and make it with a touch of you.
  • Time: The wedding day is a very big day and usually a very busy day, to enable you get reasonable photography time, come very early, encourage the bridal train to speed up preparation (they are usually the major part of the delay) so that you can get some amazing shots before you get to the Church or Nikkah.
  • Passion: Your energy level has to be high. Everyone is looking at you and you want to exude the right amount of enthusiasm to keep the couple and their guest smiling whenever you stand in front of them. 


Enjoy some exciting images from #ba2017.







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