Stay creative at home

We at Camara-Studios actually believe that being with your loved ones, in a very relaxed manner, with no deadlines and appointments can unleash a new level of creativity in you. Though the Camara-Team has been spread all over town for the last few weeks, we have not stopped being creative and taking pictures in our own little spaces.


Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko did a workshop with her own children teaching them how plan a “Multiple Exposure Image”. They wanted the theme to be anything around Quarantine. She said ‘when I explained to my kids the final image I wanted us to produce I just saw three question marks hanging over their heads. So I had to break it down to them step by step. I was the subject of the photograph; since there was no way I could bring a model into my house. And it was very tiring jumping from behind the camera back into the shot numerous times.  After we finished taking multiple exposures of me in different areas of my living room, from exactly the same camera position we went to edit the shots in Photoshop. Once I layered all the different images into one, I got big “Ahs” and “Ohs” from my kids as the final image came to life. “So this is how you do it!?” they exclaimed. And it gave me immense gratification when they told me that they wanted to their own multiple exposure image now’.

Below you can see the step by step of Yetunde’s project.


Camara-Studios’ Shola Balogun got creative in his own house over the lock down as well with a product shoot in his sitting room. You can watch the video of the behind the scene on the camara studios YouTube page



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