Introducing #NalingoNaija

Ẹ káabọ̀, to Nalingo Naija.

Camara-Studios and CS-Production are glad to introduce our latest project to you, our clients.
Nalingo Naija is an interactive and entertaining digital platform available on YouTube and other channels. It is designed to teach Nigerians and Non-Nigerians the Yorùbá Language and Nigerian culture.
The Channel went live on October 16th, 2019 with about 20 videos with subsequent release of a new video every Wednesday of the week.
 Nalingo Naija is founded by Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko and produced by CS-Production, a subsidiary of your favorite photo studio.

 Camara-Studios saw the need for effective and entertaining representation of the Yorùbá language on digital media. Together with professional Yorùbá Teachers, Yorùbá Professors and Yorùbá Actors of all ages, Babaeko’s team has established a new and effective concept of teaching in a fun way.

Each video is about two to three minutes long and is divided into two sections. The first one lets you listen to the vocabulary you need to know for the video. The second part of the video is the play between mostly two to three actors.
The actors speak slowly for the viewer to be able to follow the plot and for easy comprehension. And also, to be able to read the subtitles which are very essential in the learning process. The subtitles in Nalingo Naija are 100% accurate and you do not just have the English subtitles but the Yorùbá subtitles with intonation marks as well.

Nalingo Naija is targeting younger generations, as it is noticed that nowadays Nigerian parents struggle to keep the Yorùbá language in their households alive.
Also, Nigerians in Diaspora and schools/universities teaching indigenous cultures will benefit immensely from this YouTube Channel :
But finally, Nalingo Naija is useful to everyone. Even Yoruba speakers can improve their spelling and pronunciation with the Nalingo Videos.


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