Our first music video shoot

We started the shoot at 4.00pm in the afternoon. And we finished by 6.00am in the morning.
When I say we, I am talking about the Camara-Studios Team, the Artist - Dapo -, Bichop - the DOP extraordinaire -, the dancers, actors, and all the extras we hired for this production.
When I say production, I am talking about Camara-Studios' first music video shoot that took place on the 19th of March here in Lagos, Ikeja.  It is the first of many more to come as we are building our portfolio for our new production company: CIES-Production!
There are many similarities between videography and photography but also a lot of differences. As a photographer, you usually work alone, plus maybe one or two assistants. On the set of the video shoot, we experienced a whole new level of teamwork. We had the camera-crew, the gaffer (lights) with his crew, electrical engineers, cable holders, and smoke machine operators...
And all of them needed to be directed, inspired and motivated to pull through the whole night to create a video of about the length of 3 minutes in total. Puhhh!
Through our experiences as photographers, the long working hours were not so much of a problem. Also directing and motivating subjects in front of the camera is something we are used to doing. 
One of the challenges we did have to face though, was time. Our initial schedule was thrown off totally by many retakes that were unavoidable in the kind of venue we had chosen.
Do you want to know which venue we used? We won't tell. You will have to look out for Dapo's latest music video coming out end of June. But here you can have a glance at some BTS images. Maybe you can already guess which place we used for the shoot.


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