Detail Shots

Detail Shots

A photographer can always add some extra detail shots if you have booked him for a whole day. Advisable are images like handshakes, typing fingers on a keyboard and so on. Those photographs can always be used to enhance for your company’s website or brochure.


Introducing “Photorials with YAB”


Photorials with YAB is a photography tutorial, which was started in August 2016 by Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko in Lagos, Nigeria.

She is an advertising and fashion photographer and she made it a habit to shoot Behind the Scene footages of her most interesting photography projects.

Along the line there have been also many inquiries from people who want to venture into photography and do not know how to start.  She was asked for trainings or workshops that she…

Photographing Babies

Our famous Anne Geddes has definitely set high standards when it comes to baby photography.

From babies in clay pots to sleeping babies wrapped up in cabbage leafs, her creative images of these little ones let every mother’s heart beat faster.

But also without all the extra requisites Anne has at her disposal, you can create some awesome baby images mums will fall in love with. What you need is a bit of creativity and a window.


How to photograph celebrities.

Photographing Celebrities is really not easy. The most challenging part is to get into that circle. And the “Catch-22” is in order to get hired by them; you already have to have some celebrities in your portfolio. So how do you get started?

If you search hard enough you will definitely find some famous people, who are a bit more accessible. Offer them a free photo shoot and do a very good job. If they like…


Very often, when I pull out my reflector during shoots, people always get round-eyed and ask, what is this for? My retort is usually very brief: “This is a reflector meant to lighten up the harsh shadows in your face that our lights might cause.” Not to mention the fact that it actually saves me a fill light. Especially on outdoor shoots a reflector is of great importance. It brightens up the shadows on your…