Advance Photography Workshop

Advance Photography Workshop

It is a 2 day photography Workshop over a weekend in which semi-professional photographers will learn what it takes to organize a shoot from start to finish.

Size of Work Shop: small to medium size, 10-15 participants only, to ensure a very interactive, hands on and conducive learning experience.

Dates: 19th -20th of May, 10.00am to 5.00pm each day


- 4 professional models

- 2 make up artists

- 2 hair stylists

- 2 fashion houses to supply…

The Next Best Creative Minds

                                Get ready for more amazing content this year

So towards the end of 2016, Camara Studios launched #amazing16of2016 campaign. This was an opportunity for young ladies to get a makeover, interact with a production team and have a short video to show to the world.

The girls loved it. They not just got their hair and nails done; a professional make-up…

Your Own Archive

Very often, when starting their own photography business, photographers make the mistake of concentrating too much on jobs from clients. Surely, it is good to have a good, constant and satisfied clientele but a photographer should also have a good and diversified picture archive he can always fall back on, when business is not so good.

Many times I get calls from people asking me if I have pictures of xyz in stock, because they have…