Lottana the Movie

Lottana the movie has been the most anticipated movie of all times. We know that, because we have been more than keen on getting a glimpse of it.

Camara-Studios has worked with the amazing Ifeanyi Michael aka Ifan on numerous projects as a celebrity stylist in the past. Now he showcases his basket full of talent as he features in a film he has also produced.

The extraordinary Yetunde Babaeko shot the publication images for Lottana at…

Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five Qualifier 2017 Nigeria

Camara Studios is working with Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five Qualifier 2017 Nigeria

The journey started from Ilorin Kwara State to Abuja, Port Harcourt and finally we are in Lagos. It has been simply amazing.  As a photography outfit, we are delighted to be able to create memorable images in the world of football.

We have been actively creating content for the Neymar Jr’s Five content pool. And our images have been published on Red Bull’s social…

How to choose a model agency or agent

Finding a modeling agency to work with could be a difficult task. But you must ask the right questions to be able to spot the good ones from the bad.

A major requirement for an agency is its ability to develop talent. Clients always like to work with fresh faces, but at the same time ask for the highest level of experience. In this catch 22 situation the model agency has to step in and groom…